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Jan 16, 2016
I just removed a black fireplace wood burning insert. Has a dual blower on it. Works great. Swapping to gas logs.
It weighs probably 4 to 500 pounds according to the guys that removed it. I have have it on a pallet and can load it in a truck with my tractor forks. You are on your own unloading it.
Will take $300 obo.


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Jul 24, 2011
In the process of selling my entire collection of Tennessee Vols memorabilia. I'm not a dealer or a store. Will be posting some things here to see what happens.

The framed prints.
Will NOT ship any of these.
Email: removed. include username when emailing.
Don’t agree with a price, let me now.

Victory at Last – Alan Zungia. #110 of 1998 & signed by artist. Measures 32 5/8” w X 28 ¾”t. Certificate of Limited Edition in envelope taped to back.
Has something either on the inside glass or on the print. Price adjusted for whatever the issue is. $50

View attachment 163360

Championship Destiny – Douglas C Hess. #1801 of 1998 & signed by artist. Measures 34 ¾”w X 29 5/8”t. Good condition. $200

View attachment 163361

Tennessee Traditions - Douglas C Hess. Signed by artist. Measures 31 ¼”w X 26”t. Good Condition. $100

View attachment 163362

Journal Sports – Knoxville - Sept 19, 1937. Actual sports pages from newspaper. Mounted in frame for removal if needed. Measures 26 5/8”w X 33 ½”t. Good Condition. $150

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1951 & 1998 National Champions – Bob Howe. 1951 - #526 of 1951 & 1998 - #579 of 1998. Both prints signed by artist & both have Certificate of Limited Edition glued to the backs. Each one measures 25”w X 40”t. Good Condition. $100 each.

View attachment 163364 View attachment 163365

Neyland Stadium – Doug Shealey. Signed by artist. This is a painting from 1996 & not a camera picture. Measures 30 7/8”w X 24 ½”t. Good Condition. $100

View attachment 163367

Knoxville News Sentiental – Jan 5. 1999. Actual newspaper. Not removable. Measures 20 7/8”w X 30 1/8”t. Good Condition $100

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I would be interested in any autographed cards/ 8x10s and mini helmets that I need (as long as in a Vols uniform)
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