'24 TX CB Colin Brazzell (Tennessee)

Possibly but he tagged Pope in the offer tweet. Idk if Texas is Popes recruiting territory though.
I am guessing the family got to know and TRUST Pope during his brother's recruitment.... HOWEVER I find it real interesting that he is within an inch of his brother's HS height, similar weight, and both Rivals and ON3 have them both rated pretty much equal as 3 star guys, but ON3 actually has his rating a bit higher than his older brother. I see no reason to diss the signing, PWO or straight up whichever it ends up being.
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Sounding like a PWO with The Vol Club supplementing his costs of scholly.
makes sense to me. Make his total costs neutral with normal schollies from other programs by taking advantage of sharing some costs with big bro, and especially minimizing game day costs by only having to go to one location and make Mom happy by not having to alternate between their schools. An advantage that only UT has. And as I posted elsewhere his HS size, service stars and scores are better than or equal to older brothers. Hope there is something to this genetic thing.

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