'24 TX CB Colin Brazzell (Tennessee)

And there is the other CB.

I was wondering who they would offer.
There's a ton still in the Transfer Portal, but many of those guys are repeat portalers.
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It blows my mind some come on here and start shtting on someone before they know anything about them!

I’m thinking the coaches know what’s going on!
But there’s no picture of him. He must be terrible. I didn’t know his name 2 minutes ago but now I’m sure he isn’t very good.
11.24.23: Brazzell accepted the position change to do what was best for the Rebels football team. It’s safe to say both Brazzell and the Rebels are happy with his decision. Brazzell made the game-changing defensive play with a pass deflection in double overtime, which helped Legacy pull out a 57-55 win over Euless Trinity in the area round playoff last week.

...Brazzell is excelling at his new position, as he has recorded 39 tackles, 12 pass deflections and two interceptions. He covers the opposing team’s top receiver every game.

“I just keep seeing the more we play, he has more upside,” Hartman said. “Number one, he’s long. If he’s in position, it’s hard to throw the ball over him and get it to the receiver. He keeps getting better each week at it with more reps. He’s going to be continued to be asked to go with their best receiver. It’s what he’s going to do and that’s the matchup that we were looking for. How do we get Colin on their best guy? He’s earned that."

HS FOOTBALL: Legacy’s Brazzell embraces position change to cornerback

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