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'Liberal Sherpa' once a regular guest on Fox News is arrested for 'kidnapping her own mom TWICE and scamming her out of $224,000'

  • Prosecutors say she defrauded her own 88-year-old mom for at least $224,000
  • Areu hasn't appeared on the network since filing harassment claim in 2020
  • A judge tossed her suit, which named hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson
The self-proclaimed 'Liberal Sherpa' who once was a regular guest on Fox News stole at least $224,000 from her 88-year-old mother and physically dragged the elderly woman to a nursing home against her will, Florida authorities said on Friday.
Cathy Areu, 51, faces numerous felony charges including kidnapping, exploitation of the elderly and organized scheme to defraud. She is being held without bond in Miami-Dade county jail.

Areu previously appeared as an unpaid guest on a number of Fox News shows until 2020, when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit naming hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson -- a claim that was later dismissed by a judge.

Miami-Dade County prosecutors say she falsified documents to take control of her mother's home, siphoned money from her mother's reverse mortgage and savings account, and took out credit cards in her mother's name and then used them for her own benefit.


Cathy Areu, 51, is seen following her Friday arrest in Miami on numerous felony charges including kidnapping, exploitation of the elderly and organized scheme to defraud

Cathy Areu, the Liberal Sherpa, is charged with kidnapping and stealing from her own mom | Daily Mail Online

How did I miss this? She supports eating bugs..Well enjoy bitch.
Tucker Carlson: The World Economic Forum seems to exist to destroy national economies | Fox News Video

TUCKER CARLSON: World Economic Forum exists to 'destroy national economies'

Tucker Carlson compares attendees of the World Economic Forum to 'supervillains'

If you've been paying attention for the past five or six years – and we know you have been – you've probably noticed the inverted nature of modern language. Pretty much everything is precisely the opposite of what they claim it is. So the people who tell you they're defending democracy are promoting authoritarianism, which is not democracy. Then the Black Lives Matter movement winds up killing Black people. Who would have seen that coming?

Then our public health authorities make the population sicker. And this is our new favorite. The so-called World Economic Forum seems to exist to destroy national economies. Not an overstatement. It was the WEF, keep in mind, that told the government of Sri Lanka to give up modern fertilizer. Oh, good plan, guys. Go ahead and try it. Result? The country collapsed and people starved.

Then it was the WEF that promoted Sam Bankman-Fried's historic Ponzi, the biggest financial fraud in history. Apparently the savants at the World Economic Forum just couldn't tell that this twitchy, pill-popping kid in cargo shorts, who literally played video games during interviews, was an utterly transparent scammer. They had no idea. They thought he was a genius, just like them.

And of course it was the WEF that predicted the COVID lockdowns would "quietly improve cities," not turn them into ominous hellscape of unemployment, drug addiction and crime. It seemed like a good plan at the time. "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's prevent people from working. That'll make them rich. It'll quietly improve life for everyone." That's the World Economic Forum for you.

The WEF is often described as a group of supervillains, but they're also hilariously idiotic – not just evil, buffoonish. And by the way, they know it. They're smart enough to be embarrassed anyway. The WEF has since deleted its tweet about COVID lockdowns. It has memory hold. Its promotion of scammer Sam Bankman-Fried. It has conveniently forgotten all about its guidance on Sri Lankan fertilizer, on which it turns out the WEF is not an expert. None of that ever happened. The slate is clean.

So we're ready for yet another World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which is under way right now. The event kicked off this week with 84-year-old Klaus Schwab. He's the founder of the WEF, promising to "master the future."

KLAUS SCHWAB: We couldn't meet at a more challenging time. We are confronted with so many crises simultaneously. What does it mean to master the future? I think to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are engaged.

"We must masters the future, master the future." So, mastering the future is now the top item on the to-do list at the World Economic Forum this year. That's the first clue these people are not living the same life you are. By the end of this week, you hope to find some time to get an oil change or maybe pick up some dandruff shampoo at Rite Aid. At the World Economic Forum, they plan to master the future. That's the kind of people they are.

How are they going to do it, by the way? Well, they're going to do it with John Kerry, who, despite physical appearances, is still alive. Kerry will be 80-years old this year, so it goes without saying that if he's going to master the future, he'd better hurry. Thankfully, he's got a plan. Watch.

JOHN KERRY: It's pretty extraordinary that we, select group of human beings, because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet. I mean, it's so almost extraterrestrial to think about "saving the planet." If you said that to most people, most people, they think you're just a crazy, tree-hugging, lefty, liberal, you know, do-gooder or whatever. And there's no relationship. But really, that's where we are.

"So most people don't understand, but we are a select group of human beings." John Kerry tells the attendees of the World Economic Forum, who honestly did not need to be reminded of that. People may say we're crazy, tree-hugging, liberal do-gooders, but we know the truth, which is that actually we are soulless greedhead money worshipers who'd sell our own children to China for a big enough tax credit. Shout out to you, Larry Fink in the third row. Catch you at the sushi bar.

That was John Kerry's message at the World Economic Forum, which is also effectively the WEF credo. But then John Kerry went further. What we're doing today, he said, in saving the planet, is almost "extraterrestrial." In other words, if you ever suspect that these people are freaking aliens, it turns out you're right. They are.

TUCKER CARLSON: World Economic Forum exists to 'destroy national economies'
By no means am I advocating smoking or tobacco use, but do you understand the effects of both nicotine and THC on the brain?

I do and I also understand the effects of government (and not me) deciding what I can do to my brain. Full disclosure I don't smoke cigarettes or weed. I just don't feel like I should be able to dictate what people do. It's their decision
A sad comment on the state of American education.

Almost as sad as posting totally wrong predictions on a rival teams board and then instead of taking the loss like a man , showing up to blame the education system. But if Tucker still being on, means that Randi and the NEA have to go, then sacrifices must be made.
A sad comment on the state of American education.

Sad the state our youth is in thanks to the worthless teachers unions. Great job in stealing 2 plus years of our kids lives by pushing a false narrative that in person learning was dangerous and at odds with "science"

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