'25 TN WR Joakim Dodson (Tennessee commit)

Impact Analysis: Vols land in-state WR Joakim Dodson​

Volquest caught up with On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings Charles Power as he shared his insight on what Tennessee is getting in the Memphis-area receiver.

“Joakim Dodson first came on my radar and flashed to me when I was watching some of Collierville’s early season games last fall,” Power told Volquest. “He had a number of fantastic grabs in those games. This was kind of as he was coming on the scene as a Power Five prospect. I think first off, he is a functional, coordinated mover. When you watch Dodson run his routes, he shows good burst, good acceleration and has good lateral change of direction at the top of his routes. I think he projects as a guy that is going to be able to seperate with his route running ability and functional movement skills. I think he shows the ability to attack all areas of the field. This is guy who has multi-phase ability as a receiver, in addition to the route running. He shows the ability to win at the catch point. He can elevate and hang in the air and come down with contested catches in traffic. Also shows the ability to track the ball over his shoulder once he creates seperation down the field, and he can work over the middle and pick up yards as well. I think he has a well-rounded skill-set.”

What is this functional movement stuff? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a write-up about an athlete. Sounds like he’s talking about an octogenarian’s ability to live on his own. “Navigates stairs well, great reach for upper cabinets, can still touch his toes without too much discomfort.”
Dag, long time since we've heard that. Pretty cool. 25 could be one for the books.

This type of talk is what we've been missing on a regular basis from state of Tennessee recruits. It's like no other team had a chance because this guy thinks highly of playing for the state school.
RC said Piss and Misery offered.

Im guessing kid will skyrocket in fall.

Appears to be a solid commitment. I was thinking when I saw the commit that we need higher level players. After reading the thread and connecting the dots with his dad, I feel better than my initial feeling. He also plays at the highest level in high school. It would be nice to get back to that "the kid was never leaving the state once UT offered" reputation like we say with some other programs.
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