'22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)


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Jul 28, 2018
I agree with de1, kid looks athletic. Maybe he’ll transfer here after a year at alabama and play slot.
No one is arguing about him being athletic. People are arguing with D1 for going to player threads of Tennessee recruits that are going somewhere besides Tennessee to brag about how good they are. There are great players all over the nation that are not coming to Tennessee....we don't care about them. We do like the QB we have committed from Indiana that is not going to Indiana.
Feb 9, 2019
I think Ty is a good QB but I don’t think he will ever start at Alabama. He plays 2A Football and has even struggled at times in 2A.

Our current commit who I am super excited for plays 7A Football in Indiana and his team hasn’t lost a game this year. Give me that QB any day especially when he is an accurate passer and isn’t all about himself. That’s the kid I want and is why I would take Tayven Jackson 10 times out of 10 times over Ty Simpson. Not to mention all Jackson has done is improve since his Sophomore year and again, plays way better competition than 2A Football in Tennessee.
I say this with the full disclosure that I have not watched a game he's played in, but I think the argument that he isn't a great player because of the competition he plays is a lazy one.

Speaking from the place of someone that played single A ball in Tennessee, the issue isn't if you have a great player, it's do you have enough of them. The answer is you don't. He could be outstanding but have an awful line or a lack in other skill positions around him. That would affect his play. Again, I'm not commenting on his skill, I just don't think the argument of where they play is a great foundation to build your whole argument on.


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Jan 24, 2017
The criticism is legit. What’s Simpson done against extremely weak TN competition?
When playing good but not great Covington teams (Covington was 3rd in the district both years), Westview lost 101-7. There's not a D1 player on the Covington roster.

Simpson looks much better against 2A competition (as compared to 3A) but 2A in West TN is actually worse than 1A. Peabody and Lake County actually have good programs and would beat any of the 2A teams Westview has seen in the playoffs.

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