'20 TN LB Bryson Eason (UT SIGNEE)

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Jan 23, 2011
After the HS season started I’ve pegged him as a JACK or a SAM. 11 is not coming off that MIKE any time soon and who knows who the WILL is gonna be. JJP better grow up soon if he ever wants to see the field. But he could play inside, I’m just gonna have to see it first. Not saying it won’t happen—I just want to see it first.
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Dec 7, 2017
I don't care where Eason plays...

Dude is a mack truck, he'll be sending a lotta TEs/WRs/RBs to the sideline asking for plate numbers.

Henry is a different breed, he's that guy that makes the play period. French, JJP, and then probably Banks will likely finish out that ILB group. I think Eason ends up on the outside with Crouch, Roman, Bennett etc.


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Apr 5, 2009
Here are the players with the best chance to be key contributors and make an immediate impact as true freshmen.

1. Bryson Eason, inside linebacker
If there’s one position where Tennessee’s numbers are least comfortable, it’s at inside linebacker. Henry To’o To’o was a breakout star a year ago and looked like a future All-American, but his emergence meant far fewer snaps for Will Ignont and Shanon Reid, who left the team at midseason and landed at Western Kentucky and Illinois State, respectively. Eason is a big body at 270 pounds, but he has surprising speed and can be a hulking presence in the middle of the defense.

His frame is similar to Dont’a Hightower, but guys with this combination of size and speed don’t come around very often. With Daniel Bituli gone, there’s a big question mark next to To’o To’o. Is J.J. Peterson finally going to break through? Does Quavaris Crouch move inside? He’s out for the spring after undergoing shoulder surgery, which could slow some progress on that shift. Eason is the only player on this list with a glaring opportunity, and at worst, it seems he’ll have to be in the rotation. If he arrives this summer and proves himself, he could win a starting job.
Mar 1, 2012
Tennessee signee Bryson Eason was always high on the Vols, but the relationship built with head coach Jeremy Pruitt during the recruiting process kept the in-state product home. “I’m excited to get to campus – mainly because of what the team accomplished last year,” the linebacker told Volquest. “The class coach Pruitt brought in last year was a good one and showed it despite some early struggles. I like that. “It shows heart and determination. Coach Pruitt says it takes time. I’m all for what he’s doing and ready to be a part of his squad.”

Eason was a priority on Tennessee recruiting boards early in the process and began to hear from former Vols assistant David Johnson as a sophomore. As the conversations progressed, the defensive play-maker got to know the head man. Things changed, however, when Pruitt ventured to West Tennessee one Friday night.

“We were talking pretty frequently, but what really stood out to me was when he came to my game against Cordova,” Eason said. “He was there to see all three of us [fellow Tennessee signees Martavius French and Tamarion McDonald], but it really showed a lot of love. “A head coach coming to your game? That showed us he really wanted us and made me think about things differently.”

Eason, along with the other two members of the Whitehaven Trio, always dreamed of playing college football together but knew it might not be a possibility. Despite being pulled in opposite directions, the former always stayed true to his gut and challenged his friends along the way.

“They initially made their decisions and were doing their own thing. I was like, ‘man, we really might be going our separate ways,’” Eason said. “But Tennessee was always one of my top schools and were always recruiting me heavily. I kept talking up the Vols. “I’d keep preaching about how Pruitt is changing things and about how cool it would be to stay in-state. Then, we all came up for the Georgia game and they finally saw the love and what the future could hold for all three of us. It’s what I’d been saying all along.”

The three took one more visit to Knoxville before all committing, one-by-one, on the night of October 22. The Whitehaven, Tenn. native figures to challenge for playing time right away as the Vols only showcased four scholarship inside linebackers during spring practice – albeit, a shortened session that was eventually cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Eason plans to report on June 1 and is prepping now for what will be a challenging task. Of course, it’s easier when you get to go through the waiting game with your two best friends.

“They already gave me the defensive schemes on what we run and coach [Derrick] Ansley said he is going to be sending me more stuff,” Eason said. “The three of us are holding each other accountable in weights and conditioning. We are also quizzing each other all the time on the schemes. We will be ready.”

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