Things I Have Built

I had to turn one the opposite way to be able to fit them all in & close it up. Trust me, it bothers the $hit out of me, but after resetting those pavers 6 times, i gave up
I helped a very skilled older craftsman lay up a chimney/fireplace hearth in the ‘80s. We were laying cinder brick on the outside about 15 feet up on the chimney. Nice straight courses, a job to be proud of and we were, right in the middle of front of a beautiful home. next brick he layed he turned it backwards ( that side was flat) where has the sides we had been showing out we’re quite ruff. Turn to me on the scaffold and said “ Nothing in life is perfect “
To this day we may be the only folks in Sullivan County that know that chimney ain’t perfect. I loved that much of a man, God rest his soul.
Lately I've been trying more DIY. I built these stairs to replace ones that were rotting and falling apart, although built is kind of misleading. It was more like "bought the parts and assembled", but still saved myself a lot of money doing it myself.
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