The Texas Rangers Thread

This has been a fun season as a Rangers fan. It is nice for a team I follow to exceed expectations for a change.

Now they have to finish out the season strong and show up in the playoffs
Fun going into the last series of the season against the Angels up a few games over them
I'd like to see them win the World Series after losing back to back years, but I don't see them getting past toronto
Olney had Rangers #5 team. Astros #6. Going to be a fun battle.

Hopefully Darvish gets back soon. Looking forward to him and Hamels.
Bought my 10 game ticket package a couple of days ago. I'll be there opening day.

Good times.
Getting hyped for next Monday.

Cole Hamels vs. King Felix

Should be a good one.

So awesome.
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Bobby Wilson doesn't always hit homeruns, but when he does they are grand slams.

We were at the game Saturday when he hit the grand slam. It was awesome. Then to win in the 10th on a solo homerun with 2 outs and an 0-2 count was just as good!
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