The Party of Law and Order (in the Orwellian sense)

For the love of God (which is only a feint for the Party of Law and Order), can you guys stop criming for one hot second?

The Party of Law and Order continues to absolutely crush it when it comes to criming (especially with the kiddie stuff).

Just a very cursory rundown from "the other side" for the year. (Mind you this list only includes convictions, not just arrests/charges)

Fred Plump- fraud, criminal conspiracy and obstruction
Curren Price- embezzlement, perjury and conflict of interest
Mark Ridley-Thomas- bribery, conspiracy and fraud
Jose Huzbar- racketeering and tax evasion, bonus being sued for sexual harassment
Tracey Bernett-perjury
Clinton Collamore- election charges
Earl Banks- falsification of tax records
Alexander Asseffa- misuse of campaign funds
Beth Wood- hit and run
Derwin Montgomery- fraud
Larry Householder- racketeering
Jeffrey Pastor- corruption
Matt Borges- racketeering

Obviously not even remotely all inclusive (and note again these are actual convictions this year and not merely arrests/charges/indictments)

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