The Party of Law and Order (in the Orwellian sense)

The Law and Order schtick was really cute for a while guys. I knew it was just as fake as the family values schtick. The GOP is now wet dreaming about an ex-con Trump who brings vengeance (and apparently plays with his own nipples).

Encouraging another armed insurrection

No bullets needed, States would just need to make themselves ungovernable to the DC regime. That being said, most of the right is so far up Lincoln's ass that they deify him, they will suckle that DC teet no matter what.
This latest news made me realize we need a thread devoted to Republicans getting down and dirty with their "family values." Drop all your ribald stories of Republican shenanigans here.

This is what "The Party of Law and Order" has become. A bunch of rednecks celebrating their violations of law.


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