The Official Xavier @ Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. March 19) (6PM EST SEC NET+)

Who doubled the under?

This guy. Someone is about to crack the top 40. Oh yes.

The original purpose was to add color back when dying socks was expensive.
‘Today it jsu appears their purpose is to create a loss.
The dye also wasn’t really “standard” or safe, and some player(s) got leg infections they blamed on the dye, hence the stirrups over the white “sanitary” socks.
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Stamos's day is done after 15 pitches and 0 K's. Dallas to the mound for UT.

Ground out to Dallas.

Line out to Antigua at SS.

Dallas - (4-pitch walk).

Dallas - K.

Dallas finishes with 13 pitches and 1 K. UT pitchers have 6 K's on the day.

VOLS win 10-2!!! Hello, win column!!! Our 2 game losing streak is broken.

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