The Official Xavier @ Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. March 19) (6PM EST SEC NET+)

I walked Gettysburg. Place is haunted.
Also took a bus tour. Bus immediately went quiet as we drove onto the property.
Spring break a few years ago, we took the family to Gettysburg. Stopped at a number of other sites along the way. I had studied where on each field our g-g-grandfather had fought. Stood at each place.

Kids, being kids, thought they were just on a boring history trip until we walked Pickett’s Charge. They were fascinated that anyone could survive.

I also took them to a place a bunch of kids from their hometown died on the first day of the battle. I read them the names from the memorial stained glass windows in our (old) church at the place where they fell.

Right side/wrong side is always determined by the victors; I am always in awe of those who stand in the line, willing to give up everything for their fellow soldiers and those back home.

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