The Official Volnation NFL Draft Watch Party 2023 (4/27-4/29)

What did Hyatt do to scare all of these teams off?
I don’t think it’s anything he did. Hes not a tall receiver. He’s not a physical receiver. And unfortunately he’s not exceptionally fast. Hes not slow but he’s probably being viewed as having a good year due to the offense Heupel runs. 6 foot, 180, and 4.4 isn’t something that stands out. Maybe if he had a lot of agility or quickness but I don’t think his numbers were special there either.

If he had Tillman’s size he would have been the first wr taken imo.
What did Hyatt do to scare all of these teams off?
Not tall, not physical, all the YAC was because he got matched up 1-on-1 against safeties and got behind them (which won't happen in the NFL), and the one attribute he is thought to have in spades (speed) didn't jump off the page at the combine. 4.40 is a good 40 time, but people were expecting something more than that. Lots of dudes in any given year run 4.4s.
I hate being a Titans fan.
Nothing they do surprises me anymore...If Amy the owner traded her first round pick for a ranch in Texas like Doris with the Orlando Breakers did in the TV series Coach.....I wouldn't blink a eye!
It's good to remind ourselves the Lions came away with good players. Everybody is clowning them because they could have accumulated more assets and still drafted the same guys, but the reality is they got a lot better in the draft.

I wouldn’t be bitching so much if I wasn’t paying David Montgomery and Alex Anzalone $15M combined in 2024.
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