The Official Queens @ #1 Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. May 7th 6PM EST SECNET+)

So, did Bargo actually catch any last night or was it Peebles (Peoples) in relief of Charlie the whole time? Who threw down to first on the pickoff attempt?
Okay, I'm on it and going to pray for you.

My mind has drifted to @chuckiepoo the past couple of days because Houston has had a lot of rain. The only place that really talks about is NPR and seems even the weather channel isn't saying much about it.

I've been locked away in a lab that blocks all radio, tv etc signals as well as cell phones, so when I/we come out, I check out NPR and FOX radio to see what, if anything is going on and it seems like Houston got a lot of rain, but you'd never know it from looking at BBC, Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, NY Post, Associated Press or the Wall Street Journal.

I wish you well and will be thinking of you.

Wow as if @chuckiepoo is the only one who lives in Houston. If only you had a Volnation friend who lives in the area that was flooding …. 🤣
Hopefully this ends the Phillips as a starter experiment for this year.
IMHO, too early for that leap. Just one of those days.

Started wild by hitting a back foot (hard to do).

Then, blue had a tight zone...and you freak out a bit.

Part of the growth process.

Next time, don't tell him he's starting until about three hours before first pitch.

Marcus has good stuff.
I purposely didn’t check the score yesterday with the intention to watch the replay on Watch ESPN. It took forever for the game to show up. When it finally did, it showed that it lasted 3:20. I fully expected we must have scored 20 runs with no run rule in effect. Imagine my surprise that it started the way it did and ended 6-3.

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