The Official Queens @ #1 Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. May 7th 6PM EST SECNET+)

Best way to describe these announcers....

Side note : Living close to the area where Bargo grew up and getting to see him play occasionally in high school and watching him in the Appy League ( All -Star Game Starting catcher) he is more than capable behind the dish to help this team and as we have seen he is good in other positions as well....kept us from skipping a beat when Billy went out at 3rd.
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IIRC Dreiling played for his Granddad in Hayes, KS. He seems like the nicest, most unassuming “yes sir/no sir“ type of young man. He will make a great major leaguer. Honestly I think we will see 7 current starters (position players) eventually drafted.
Pro’s pro. As I’ve said before, he’s this year’s Jared Dickey.
Don’t know also remember last year or the year before that two SEC teams took a split at the end of the season when they could have possibly played the tgird game and it helped both of them. I might be imagining that, but I don’t think so.

Figured you would like this photo I saw on Twitter. Heck of an image for you to frame


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