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Jan 11, 2012
You might be reading a bit too much into that statement. But having said that, JJJ has never been a vocal leader. He's never been a guy who demanded the ball when the game was on the line. When you look at this team, where is that dominant personality? Who will pick that team up, put 'em on his shoulders and will them to a win? ZZ is still young. Key is a newcomer. Vescovi is a spot up shooter who teams can put an athlete on and shut down. He's not getting his own shot. So who leads? There are no dominant personalities. There are no "elite" talents like Chandler. When the game is on the line, who will win that game? Maybe that "someone" will emerge at the season rolls on, but at this point in time, I'm not seeing that player on the roster.
JJJ got the final shot last year against Texas and took it hard when he missed. He has just never been the best offensive player on the team, so others have been in line to get the shot.
Sep 1, 2008
The lack of having a player who can really drive and finish at the rim combined with the lack of interior post presence really makes it difficult for us to win games when outside shots aren’t falling. Last year KC was elite at getting to the rim, you saw that against Michigan when our offense broke down that’s what they basically exclusively turned to. Not having that to fall back on is tough


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Dec 1, 2017

15 points (45.5% FG & 50% 3PT)
8 rebounds
3 steals
2 assists
2 blocks

JJJ was the only player that didn't stink it up. Which may be why ZZ lost the start, Barnes feels like he needs JJJ starting again.
I misspoke, I meant ZZ. But JJJ needs to set the standard now for the team, and get in some faces and not let them be complacent.
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Dec 7, 2017
I'll also say this is yet another season with a new assistant coach. So there are growing pains there, at this point Barnes' entire original staff is gone.

First year it was Rob Lanier, Desmond Oliver, & Chris Ogden
Second year Chris Ogden was replaced by Michael Schwartz
Third year Lanier, Oliver, & Schwartz (same as 2nd season)
Fourth year same as previous 2 years
Fifth year Rob Lanier replaced by Kim English
Sixth year same as fifth year (Schwartz, Oliver, English)
Seventh year English and Oliver left, Gainey and Clark as replacements
Eight year Schwartz replaced by Gregg Polinsky

I know Barnes wants his assistants to elevate, and I'm sure he's happy for Lanier, Oliver, Schwartz and Ogden for getting opportunities to be head coaches.

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