The Jazz/Bluegrass/Other Music Thread

This is also cool. Larnell Lewis of Snarky Puppy listens to a song, without the drums in it, and then adds a drum part to it.
My brother sent me this show, and I had never heard of Goose. This is a great recording. Would love to catch them live sometime:

Goose is damn good. Finally saw them live last weekend in ATL. Doing 2 shows in Nashville and another in Knoxville in March, along with Sweetwater 420.

They jam, a lot. Play a few too many covers sometimes, but otherwise they are great dad jam rock. They also release many of their shows on youtube, 95% on nugs/bandcamp and they all sound great. Keyboardist mixes them.

Also, the Eastern in Atlanta is legit. Really great venue with multiple levels and bars everywhere. Never saw a line at the bars and the show was sold out.
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Rapper from Chattanooga that I like. Good friends with Isaiah Rashad as well, from the same place. Figured I would post this one cause he name drops the Vols, saying,"I'm so Tennessee I put the 'V' in Vols.".

Then a more musical performance. Sometimes when he plays live he'll do it with a backing band unlike a lot of rappers.


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