The Holly Bobo Kidnapping

Why not? Criminals have been known to watch the news and read newspapers keeping clippings of stories about what they did.
Then Freak should turn over the IP addresses of everyone that posted to TBI, so they have a new pool of suspects
Why not? Criminals have been known to watch the news and read newspapers keeping clippings of stories about what they did.

This is a message board not news or press clippings. This isn't CNN. This is the regurgitation of news. We aren't creating anything.
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Holly Bobo is still missing. On Friday, April 13, 2012 it will be one year since the young, bright-eyed girl left her home in Decatur County, Tennessee for school and was abducted from her yard. Her mother, Karen Bobo, was a school teacher but when Holly went missing she didn't return to work. What does Mrs. Bobo do now? She does whatever she can to locate her missing child.
She believes that anyone who previously gave information to the authorities should call those same tips in again. The number to call is 1-800-TBI-FIND. She is afraid that tips that may have been helpful were not called official tips. She wants all tips to be officially noted. Maybe somewhere in one of those tips is a clue that will help in finding Holly Bobo.
Karen Bobo is not giving up, her life's goal is to find her daughter and who can blame her. For now all she can do is watch old video tapes of Holly laughing and smiling but they are only tapes. Once they end and the picture goes away, Holly is still missing.
On Friday there will be a motorcycle ride, a balloon release, and prayer vigil for Holly. If anyone has any new or old information please do as requested and call that information into the tip line. Holly Bobo is still missing and her mother wants her home. "The whole year has just been one continuous nightmare, that you go to bed with every night and wake up with every day," Karen Bobo said.
Hard to believe it has been one year tomorrow and we still have very little information as to what happened to this girl.

Prayers for the family
WoW it truly is unbelievable what became of this case(sadly NOTHING became of it) .. a damn tragedy.. here we are what 16 months later and literally probably "know" less than we did over a year ago about the actual events of that morning. Its a case that I cannot for the life of me understand and I've read everything possibly available about Holly's abduction over the course of these last 16 months(from all the BS crap.. to psychic opinions and ramblings.. to every news blurb spoken about it) ..which truth be known is just not all that much at all..

My husband works with several local Darden/Parsons area men and they've openly said on more than one occasion that their personal belief(along with others in the community according to them) is that Holly died that morning on the Bobo property and that there never was any abduction, hence the obvious strange, zipped up tight nature that surrounds this entire case or even mention of her name.. their opinion was that Clint is responsible.. one was of the opinion that it was Clint hunting on the property that morning and that her death was purely unintentional and accidental.. i call BS immediately on that theory...sorry not gonna fly because lemme tell ya an accidental death is far far cry from a homicide and a truly accidental death of a loved one ..well the love and respect for that loved one would far outweigh concern of "possible" criminal consequence.. a consequence that I might add would be highly unlikely when the proof clearly showed no intention and complete tragic accident.. there'd likely NEVER be any charge criminally filed against the person..

The other men all are of the opinion it wasn't some tragic accident AT ALL but agree that yes, Clint Bobo is 100% the responsible party for Holly's death.. while still hard to believe it does however atleast make more sense than the "acicidental" shooting death by Clint while hunting on the property that morning.. that theory doesn't even begin to hold a single drop of water.. but in truly thinking through these locals opinions of it possibly being Holly was killed that morning at the Bobo residence.. well.. it doesn't exactly "fit" either as sibling murder, especially opposite sex sibling murder is so very rare and would have to have some severe underlying issues that aren't at all known to the public..

I just don't know what to think anymore? Is it possible? Yes.. would it make the extremely strange actions, words, demeanor, severe inconsistencies and downright contradictions that have come straight from Clint Bobo's mouth.. would all of those issues make better sense or fit..or be consistent with Holly having died that morning and Clint in some way involved or even responsible? ..i can say yes, for me it would better make sense as to why Clint has stuck out like the odd duck that he has since the very get-go..but other than that(which I fully realize means squat or amounts to nil) there is nothing that we know of the events of that morning, period that are indicative either way.. so, who/how could anyone really begin to know what happened that morning..

One thing I do know and that I feel most certain about is this.. what we have been told.. led to believe.. and what's been so very difficult to keep straight and consistent in that mornings events being relayed to the media/public in drastically differing details emerging and disappearing over the course of the last year..THOSE EVENTS WE'VE BEEN TOLD ARE NOT AT ALL FACTUAL DETAILS OF WHAT OCCURRED TO HOLLY BOBO.. <--- and that again is what I personally believe with certainty..

The events of what we have been told of that morning are for whatever reason not accurate, nor an honest account of Holly's "disappearance"..why? ..I haven't a clue, but it certainly does leave many with a level of suspicion on the one who has had the most difficulty keeping up with the "truth", unable to be the least consistent with the sequence of events of that morning, and has even literally contradicted the words from his very own mouth.. whether or not the true cause for his inconsistent, contradictory nature regarding those 30+ minutes sequence of events are indicative of there being nefarious factors involved..that, I do not know.. I only know there is definite and legitimate basis for why people have the level of suspicion that they have of Clint Bobo..its NOT being pulled from thin air.. there is just cause for the suspicion..

The other detail mentioned by the local men was that they believed Holly's body would not be found.. of course all of what i am stating can be taken for nothing more than rumor from a few of the local men.. obviously we have nor know of anything that would be able the confirm these opinions.. so while I would never personally assign a large amount of weight to these opinions.. however I am also not stupid, naive, or narrow minded to the point of totally disregarding these local opinions as 100% BS..
At this point its filed away mentally for if other details/info were to come to light that would fit, corroborate, or in some way validate or verify these theories.. well then at that point these possibilities would be of a much heavier weight..

Will the truth ever be known of what actually happened that morning on the Bobo property? now 16 months after-the-fact I truly am questioning whether that time will ever come and sadly whether Holly will ever receive justice for her life having been taken.
did Clint ever take a lie detector
Not that I'm aware of. .and while TBI(with the teensy bit they've said) way back in April 2011 did say Clint was not a suspect. .but what keeps me coming back to him(along with the inability to keep his story straight, not contradict himself, and never having once ever told the sequence of events the same. .as in always ever changing) is that TBI has refused to clear him, but rather state that regardless of his relation to the victim HE IS NOT CLEARED OF INVOLVEMENT. ..
Well guys I'm certainly hoping that this case is about to break wide open. Supposedly with this lateste searching that has been taking place ther in Decatur co they have indeed found where Holly remains were disposed of. Some talk as to actually name the family who is responsible for her death(supposedly more than one person in the particular family they are saying is responsible that there is more than 1fam member involved) ..i won't publicly name them but supposdly ffor all locals none wil bbe surprised when they hear this particular family is involved in her death as they very much have criminal backgrounds...

Hopefully we are mere days away from finally seeing justice for Holly beginning to take its course..

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