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Feb 10, 2011
2019 Stanley Cup Finals
Wow that was not what I predicted at all for game 7. The Blues were not in a high scoring close game, and they didn't need to score a game winning goal in the 3rd period because they scored first in the 1st period, shut out the Bruins for most of the 3 periods, and made the game laugher in the 3rd period.
The Blues won 4-1 in Boston defeating a terrific Bruins team in Boston to win their first Stanley Cup.

Blues fans saw or know of the misery of being swept by the Bruins in the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals got to see a different outcome against a team they hate in 2019, and the Blues gave them a excellent Hollywood style happy ending since they defeated a terrific Bruins team in 7 games.
I see I'm on the mark for the Blues winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games, and that most of the games would be great close games since that describes 4 of the 7 games.

2019 NBA Finals
The Raptors were able to win their first NBA championship in a heart attack great close game in San Francisco.
I wanted the Warriors to win their 3rd consecutive NBA championship, except I'm still happy to see the Raptors win their first NBA Championship.

A amazing unique week because the Raptors won their first NBA championship, and the Blues won their first Stanley Cup. Two Pro Teams that ended their no championship droughts the same week.

2019 College World Series
Astounding that 7 of the 8 teams are from the South. The Michigan Wolverines are the only team that is not from the South.
Arkansas Hogs: They have returned to Omaha, a year after the soul crushing I wish I didn't see that collapse to the Beavers in the final round the Hogs have a chance to create a different outcome by winning the 2019 College World Series.
Florida State: This is Mike Martin's final season as the Seminoles Head Baseball Coach, and the Seminoles could give him a Hollywood style Happy ending if the Seminoles can win the 2019 College World Series.

Currently I've made 84.70 this week.
Persons are going to want to see Players of the 8 College teams in the College World Series before the first game which is why I'm optimistic I'll get more than 4 ride requests today, and I predict making more than 25 bucks today.

Outside of TD Ameritrade Park during the College World Series persons can throw a Baseball and see how fast they are throwing the Baseball, buy CWS Caps, t-shirts, etc in the CWS merchandise tents, buy Pizza Hut Pizza and other food, etc.

My prediction for the amount of money I make from Friday to Sunday is more than 100 dollars.

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