The Everything Fantasy Football Thread

Who did you choose the RBs over? Generally speaking RB-heavy is a good thing
I know. If just feels like the NFL in its current state its starting to shift more toward WRs in fantasy. Right now I'm thinking I should have taken Davante in the 1st round at pick 8 instead of Ekeler. I also took Akers in the 4th round which appears to be a massive mistake.

In my other league I took Dalvin Cook at 5 and probably should have taken Jefferson or Chase. Took CMC over Tyreke Hill in the 2nd. A Jefferson/Hill combo is looking pretty deadly right not.
1-3 this week. Kamara, Pittman, and Gabe Davis injuries didn’t help. Also sat D’Andre Swift because he killed me last season with game time designations. He’d be active, so I’d play him, and he would be in for five plays or something like that. Sat him this week, and has a good game. Also, somehow faced Tampa’s defense in three of the four leagues. Don’t know how that happens.
2-0 this week. I'm in QB purgatory though. I drafted Lance and Carr. Dropped Carr to pick someone up. So now unless I can trade for someone I'm gonna have to roll with Mariota next week. I picked up Dak in case he looks decent when he comes back.
2-2 this week. Had the Chargers defense in two leagues. Who knew the Jags had that in them? Dallas defense won a game for me tonight.
3-1 this week but came at a price. Lost Javonte in two leagues and lost JT in one league.

I am 8th out of 10 teams in pts for in 2 leagues and 9th out of 10 teams in pts for in my other 2 leagues. Projections are always high, but my guys are consistently underwhelming. It’s great.
In 1 league im up 5 he has KC D/ST, I have Waller the baller. Kinda nervous.

My other league I just need 1 point from CEH to win. Feeling good about that.
Much like the Commanders season, I'm pretty much done in fantasy football this year.
I don't think this has ever happened for me, but I had 4 guys (Kamara, Olave, Benjamin, Taysom Hill) start TNF and 3 of them are bench players and the 4 outscored their projections by 28 points. I was fully expecting a bad night and that I'd be in the hole coming up on Sunday. That's what usually happens. Feels good.

Man, I'm having a hell of a season. 3 leagues and I'm 13-2. I'm undefeated in this league that I really care about, but I've also been super lucky with matchups and probably am just the 3rd best team. Maybe my luck keeps up. I'm due.

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