The Everything Fantasy Football Thread

What kind of draft was that? I can kinda understand McCaffery falling 5, I'm scared to draft him and wouldn't until 5th, but Cook all the way in the middle of 2nd??

I've had 3 drafts so far, i like 2 of the teams but in the other i was 8th and went 0 RB and didn't take a RB until the 5th round. I took Brian Robinson as my RB3 and he got shot the next day.
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It was a weird draft for sure. Someone took Josh Allen with the 9th pick.
Speaking of crazy drafts, this was one of my friend's teams yesterday. I have no clue what he was thinking. He took the 1st QB and it was.... Screenshot_20220829-185034_Yahoo Fantasy.jpg
In two redraft leagues and two dynasty leagues. Have another draft for a redraft league tomorrow night. Rookie drafts done earlier in the month.

Here’s my first redraft team - .5 ppr. Add Russell Wilson and Michael Carter to the image below for the full roster.

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Stafford refusing to throw to Robinson hurt two of my teams. Had Allen and Gabe Davis starting in another league. Looking good there.
1-0 this week

In worse (and not really fantasy-related) news, I'm already out of the espn eliminator challenge (along with 18% of the entrants). Now I have a long off season to regroup

0-2. I think I messed up and went too RB heavy. No one was drafting them so I took them because I had a later pick, and they really didn't produce much. I think next season im taking a WR at least the first 2 picks.

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