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He would not have been in the CWS with a bought team but he still would have been a high draft pick. I wanted him to come to Tennessee whenever he was in the transfer portal but after I thought about it, I don’t agree with taking kids from the military schools. Their commitment is not only the school, but to our country’s military. That loser turned his back on them and I didn’t want him because of that.
You do realize Tennessee had a transfer from a Military school on the basketball roster this past season.
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You predicted well. Hully Gully wasn't difficult. Once we started trying to learn Nitty Gritty, we knew we were in over our heads (at least initially), but one roommate, started playing it on a loop at half speed and then quarter speed to "see what the heck is going on" because it's "much more difficult than it looks". That one roommate, Marc, is 5'10" -ish and currently pretty light (150-160lbs) who used to weigh, 170. So he's the lightest on his feet compared to me and my best friend/brother.

So... we haven't worked that hard at it yet. I DID send my mom the movie reference/critics review and she'd like to watch that with me/us or with my friends and my gf, because she thinks my gf would like it. Thanks for the critics review btw.

Currently, we're (my friends) are headed to the Braves game and going to meet my GF and parents there for Padres game while we listen to Wilkerson. I'm going to see if I can get the UT game on one of the TV's in AT&T's box, but we'll see. For all I know etiquette wise, that might be rude and need to call my dad to see if I should request that or not. If not, we'll get it going on an Ipad.

Go Vols.
[Caveat: I've been preparing a classic movies critique "summer camp" for high schoolers in my area, so my head's in this cine-space more than usual.]

Here's a bit of '70s-80s trivia you can pop on your mom. In the penultimate scene of A Hard Day's Night, following the last song in the televised set, toward the end of the extended in-studio audience reaction shots, you'll briefly see this kid pop up:
That's young Phil Collins. Guess it left an impression on him!

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