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Nov 28, 2017
From 247 Sports:

Asked Friday who he thought the top wideout in the draft class was, Hyatt replied: "Jalin Daveon Hyatt. Definitely No. 1."

It's exactly the answer you'd expect from a big-time wide receiver.

"I'll say I'm dynamic," Hyatt continued. "I'll say, just because y'all can say he's a vertical guy, one-trick pony, he does this and that – I do a lot more things than that. I can run routes. That comes easy to me. I can catch the ball. I have a good catch radius. I have long arms. Catch everything with my hands. Consistent. Not only that, you go look at the games last year, dig and dive down and actually get in the film, I feel like I'm unstoppable. I feel like nobody can guard me. I feel like they fear me when I get out there. I'll definitely say I'm WR1."
Hyatt sounds confident.

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