The Championships, Wimbledon

Post Wimbledon wrap up, as if you care.

(1) Honestly, an improbable get for Federer. This sort of makes up for the 2009 U.S. Open title he let slip away with all due respect to the thrashing Delpo eventually delivered in set 5. Unbelievable accomplishment in itself, but to also regain the Number 1 world ranking and break another Sampras record: Improbable.

(2) Concerned about Djokovic's level. He says he was sick for the SF. Maybe. I think he might be getting frustrated that he can't find his 2011 level as easily. He is fully capable of psyching himself out.

(3) Not concerned about Nadal's 2nd round loss. He got steam rolled. It happens. Although as Memphis points out, he did claim knee tendinitis after that match.

(4) Murray is less hated today than he was by tennis fans Sunday morning. He is known to go away after a slam loss in a final. However, he should take a lot of positives away from yesterday. He should be a slam champion by this time next year.

(4) Finally, Volnation semi-volleyed a drop shot over the net and obliterated the previous tennis slam post count high mark in this thread. Always we try our best, no?

We succeeded this time. Yes, we did.
Djokovic has something really special. I sorta feel stupid that I didn't realize how crazy athletic he was until he started dominating, but I didn't.

Anyway, I can't describe it one word either, so give me a couple sentences. What Djokovic is able to do is utilize his length and flexibility to improve his court coverage and court positioning. Think about how guys on clay slide into their shots. This allows you to cover more court because the slide lets you take one or two fewer steps out wide in the direction of your momentum.

Well, Djokovic takes that concept and applies to hard courts and grass. He isn't the first person that has ever slid on a hard court -- hell, I slide around pretty well on a hard court (I love the sound of it) -- but his gumby-ness allows him really utilize the effectiveness of the slide. He essentially gets to ball out wide while always staying (mostly) inside the court. So, while I'm not sure if he is faster than Rafa in a 20 yard dash, his court coverage on everything but clay is better. And he conserves energy by being so efficient in his movement.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Federer is not human.

Murray's correction of the "male" player to the journalist was hilarious. He never broke his composure, never broke stride. Just interrupted the reporter to subtly remind him about the Williams' sisters.
Going to be interesting to see what Joker and Anderson have left tomorrow. What an amazing set of semifinals.

Now bring it home Serena.

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