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I'd say this gives us two players that will start Spear and Cooper who will be the other three? Right now I'm going with Cooper as the starting point guard until something happens that might change that possibility like the Michigan St point guard in the portal.
Really need an athletic big he can move.
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Really need an athletic big he can move.

Lol. What team doesn't need that?
IMO it's an absolute crucial need for us in the portal. Along with one more truly elite scorer, which lol every team also wants and needs.

If we could get a high quality, mobile young post, TK could still have a very valuable role as mentor and as a really important role player. Equally as important, it would allow both Jill and Strip to finally play in position where hopefully they can thrive.
Looking at the big picture we can kind of understand that the players had more information about the possibility of a coaching change than the fans and public. For all we will ever know, this probably was discussed during the season. There were moments when it is not an exaggeration to suggest this could’ve happened during the regular season. So for people that are saying this likely leads to multiple transfers and a changing of mind to stay in Knoxville, that probably was going to be the case either way for a player(s) that enter the portal.
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