Tennessee Football 2022 Season Highlights (Video)



Orange you glad to be a Vol??
Sep 7, 2012
On the night of the Bama game, I was at a backyard party at a friends house in Wilmington, NC (ACC country). It was a fund raiser for breast cancer and a lot of people from church were there. I tape 100% of every Tennessee football game and, generally isolate myself from the public and any TVs so that I do not know the score of the game before I hit PLAY. All was going just as planned that evening for there were no TVs and not many sports fans in the crowd. Bout 15 minutes before I was going to depart, a random woman yelled "OMG, Tennessee just upset Bama with a last second field goal"

I wanted to cry, for this moment needed to be savored and enjoyed while I was watching the game later that night. My joy and agony collided and I was besides myself, for I isolate myself extremely well. Watching this tape and seeing the fan reactions is simply priceless, because I think that is how I would have reacted if not for that nice church lady.

Great montage - thanks

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