Tamari Key 🧡🍊🧡🍊

@glv98 now no true center
And after next season, no 4s or 5s on present roster. Good times. TK could have been very valuable in a big sis/mentor role, as well as whatever on court contributions she could bring. We'll miss her in lots of ways.

Godspeed and best wishes always TK. Always proud of her, she'll do great things. A true LVFL.
The coaching change may have influenced it but I don’t think she was coming back regardless.

I think she’s medically retiring. Just wasn’t the same player after the blood clots unfortunately
I heard otherwise (the Kellie news had to have hurt) but that’s besides the point. The definition of putting your body on the line for others. She will truly be missed.
I heard a rumor from a credible source close to the program that a young former 5-star player from a nearby flagship university was a strong bet to come here via the portal. Was going to mention the name but wouldn't want to cause any problems for anyone based upon unsubstantiated rumor. She was someone we had recruited, had close ties to the program, and could have helped our frontcourt. Not likely that she'd be interested now.

Some of those same credible sources who were certain Kellie was getting one more year I’d guess.

And why even bother bringing this up? It would appear you’re indicating Petty but that’s not a player that was going to make a significant improvement to this team. We saw how good Kentucky was this year, right?

That was just going to get us more of the same results which clearly White was done with.

And why are you doing this in the TK thread and taking away from her thanks and congratulations?

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