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May 12, 2010
I've put off using this opportunity to support VN until now. Mainly because I only now found a charity that puts most of its money toward the cause rather than into the pockets of rich executives. So this via AmazonSmile was a priority for me. It took a while to track down that info. Now, having done that, I will be using your link since I am a frequent Amazon shopper. Considering your extreme tolerance for the antics of I and others on this great board, my personal view is we owe you. This is a nice way to put forward on that debt. Mid-spring I should be making a number of purchases (as usual) so it's a chance to put your link to prime use.

If anyone else who donates and is "listening" in on this post, here is one a number of sites I checked. I suggest you as I did check as many other sites as you can as well, but this one is a pretty good starting place. America's Top 50 charities: How well do they rate? - The Christian Science Monitor
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