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Needing a little help with some things we are working on for Kirby's newest community service. Has anyone ever done an online auction? We would like to do some online auctions to raise money for his endeavors but we are struggling finding out how to do the auction online without paying a large fee to an auction company. Ideas?
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Thanks! I often feature UT players and coaches.
Next week I’m interviewing the Spanish Vamos Vols guy.

I was pretty thrilled to get named on of CityView’s top three podcasts in their “Best of the Best” issue.
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Coming back for his 5th year, he is excited about what the team is going to do on the field, but he is also excited about the opportunity to give back to his community one more year as a UT baseball player. Kirby has 2 initiatives this season that he is working on.
The first is East Tennessee Children's Hospital. His goal is to give every child during the 2024 season who spends the night in ETCH a baseball pillow from UT baseball and VolNation. He wants them to know that they are loved by VolNation. Getting to catch the first pitch from many of them has allowed him to build a relationship with them and their struggles. He wants to do something small to remind them that VolNation is cheering them on every day.
The second is to help foster children. My wife works as a Social Service worker who deals with foster children and sadly many times the removal of them from their homes because of nothing they did. One of the sad parts of that is that most of them have nothing to put their clothes in. They are given a trash bag to put their clothes in. Kirby would like to raise funds so that every child removed from their home in Knoxville, Johnson City where he is from, and Gaffney, SC, where my wife serves can have a backpack or duffle bag to put their clothes in. There would also be toiletry items and a small blanket in the backpack. He also encourages VolNation around the US to do the same in their community.

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