Rodney garner to Auburn (maybe? Nah)

AP statement, if holds up, also should help ease anyone’s stress level about the NCAA. RG is a top dog and he does not appear to be making a decision like he is worried about the future of UT football.
He’s not worried regardless. He could retire, or have a job the next day if something happens here. His kid is in school here so I doubt he goes anywhere.

I somehow missed this earlier today. Work sucks. But, this deserves a huge.



Arguably the most important bit of news Tennessee could get all off-season. The fact schools continue to chase his services is solid proof of the impact he has on his units and his players.

Well, that and the damned great job Tennessee's DL has done every year he's been here.
why do people think this is news to anyone not in the Twitter echo chamber or an Auburn booster. Did anyone here really think this was a legit thing that was gonna happen? It's like the CJH to Michigan crap lol.
I figured Garner would get a legit raise out of us.
Interior maybe but we have more talent along the Dline than any other position group. Our edge players are elite. Even though interior Dline recruiting hasn’t been as good as we’d like our inside guys are damn good too. Just would love to see more young guys coming up inside.
I would actually say the interior guys have been close to excellent. They don't get stats but they do their jobs at a high level.

I'm just concerned that there seems to be a lot of older guys and not much growing up behind them. The portal can cure a lot of ills in that regard but I'd rather have guys "home grown" by Garner.
Robert Ayers has been working as an analyst & with DL. Heupel has had succession plans for every coach lost thus far. Maybe RA is it for the DL.
Listening to Inky Johnson’s podcast, and apparently Ayres nickname is “Black Rob.”

Black Rob sounds like a pirate and a solid hang!
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His coaching is elite. It does trouble me a little that UT has such a hard time recruiting the DL.
Yeah, you could throw some big time names out there that we missed on, but we have gotten great quality D linemen/Edge rushers every year under CJH & CRG. Pierce will be a 1st round pick & I believe Thomas will be a day 2 pick. That's not to mention all the other good players we still have on the roster, such as Tyree West, Joshua Josephs, Bryson Eason, Caleb Herring, Chandavian Bradley...

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