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Sep 12, 2011
ETSU's Randy Sanders brought his team from a 4-8 season to an 8-4, on his first try. In any case the SanMan thinks Tee is a good hire and that we're lucky to have him. I hope he's right, more for Tee's sake than Vols fans. Despite certain doubts about his decision to return, I think the FulPru duo has the right idea. Dilute the Bama-ism with a hefty dose of Vol-ism. No offense to Pruitt who I genuinely believe is going to drag our program back, kicking and screaming if necessary. Naturally, I cast a wary eye on Bama-tizing our program. Despite all that, at this point, I believe the FulPru team is a good one. Would love to see Pruitt surpass Master Saban, refuse to re-Bama, and keep whooping that red bottom for 10 years to dilute the red algae infection of the SEC waterways so to speak.
The insane thing about this post is that it was edited... Un ****ing real...

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