Prayers needed


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Aug 31, 2015
72, I can't tell you how to cope with such a loss. I can only tell my thoughts. I lost my dad in March and it left a hole that words can't explain. It's a hole in my life that cannot be filled. However, I learned some life lessons since that I never expected. I learned that when someone says something to me as simple as "I'm sorry for your loss", it's means more than I ever before imagined. That person cared enough about me to say those words. I will never miss that opportunity to be thoughtful enough to say it to others. 72, I'm so sorry for your loss!
I learned that my selfishness, at times, with my personal time is my biggest regret. The times when I was "too busy" to spend time or talk with my Dad is something I would give anything to go back and re-live. So, love those close to you and never miss an opportunity.
I find comfort in thanking God that my dad is living life in a perfect world, where the weather is 75 degrees and sunshine every day. He's surrounded by the love of GOD almighty.
Your wife is too. She is reuniting with everyone who has passed on, that she loved in life and had to deal with losing. You and your children will be there someday with her. Let her enjoy that peace. On your worst days, she mourns for you more than you do for yourself. She's always with you and you can talk to her. You go on by knowing she looks forward to the time when your time comes but, she knows it's always "GOD'S Will be done".
Your wife wants you to be happy and enjoy life. Take advantage of opportunities to serve GOD by serving others.
I think about my Dad all throughout the day, everyday. That's a good thing. It's means I miss him dearly but, I have comfort knowing he's living the "true" good life now. His health is perfect. No pain, no stress, only the glories of Heaven for him.

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