Pray for Grayson Pope (updated 9/19/23)

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

8 months this seemed as if it may never happen. Yesterday Gray not only caught a nice fish, he prepared everything to go. He tied his own knot, new line on his reel, packed his tackle bag.
Super proud of the hard work he has put in to overcoming his situation. It wouldn’thave beenn easy to just lay around and no one would question it.
This will be a tough week on him. Baseball starts on Saturday. He has assumed a coaching role and even refers to himself as a coach. (Which I love) however he wants to play so bad!
He has always said he wants two things. His name on that field somewhere, and a state championship. He busted his butt everyday to be the best version of himself. I tell him its not too late, it may just be in a different capacity now.
In the meantime, keep praying, keep believing in full restoration for Grayson!

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With the first Varsity Baseball game coming up Saturday, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I am a little anxious, excited, sad, worried, thankful …. all the emotions!
However, tonight as we walked into to first JV game, we got a phone call from Grayson who was in left field with all his buddies supporting and cheering on his teammates.
He said, “Did ya’ll see what Coach Mauldin did in left field?”
We look over and both David and I both were a puddle of tears. About 6 months before Graysons accident, he designed a custom outfield glove (pictured below) written in pink “NO FLY ZONE” with a smiley face. He was very proud of this glove!
That saying was replicated on the left field fence where Grayson plays (pictured below)
Coach Mauldin has had this planned since the fall when we were in Atlanta but we had no idea!
He will never know how much this means to Grayson and our family! Genuinely the kindest heart who cares and loves our little buddy!
This baseball family is a true blessing that guides us daily with prayer and support!
Grayson will never forget this special moment!
Thank you soooooooo much!!!

What perfect timing tonight for these sweet 12U Husky Baseball boys to come up to Grayson at dinner and tell him what an impact he has made on them. Grayson gave them some wise pointers before the season starts: stay positive ALWAYS, mindset is everything, have fun, and when you strike out, so what! Get it done your next at bat!
Talking to these boys tonight got Grayson even more fired up about tomorrow’s game! I was a little worried he was going to ask to spend the night in the dugout. They don’t have to be there until 9:00 but he wants to get there 7:30/7:45!
What a perfect weekend!

I found myself saying THANK YOU often, “Thank you Lord for today! Thank you for allowing Gray to be in the dugout with his “brothers”! Thank you for allowing Gray to walk on the field! Thank you for that big, genuine smile on his face! Thank you for the peace that only YOU can give to him on this day! Thank you for your grace, saving our son on June 6th, and for your promise of restoration!”


As I left the baseball game yesterday to travel to Auburn for Parents dinner with Emma’s sorority, I found myself saying thank you LORD again! “Thank you for traveling grace! Thank you for Emma and her sweet, loving heart! Thank you for her love for her family! Thank you for the joy she has in her heart daily! Thank you for being a good, good father to her this summer when she was being a good, good “mother” to me!!! Thank you most of all for choosing me to be Emma and Graysons mom!”

Anyone need to clean out their tear ducts? What an amazing story.

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

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What a blessing it was to meet this family at UAB and spend many days with them, talking, sharing stories, and praying for each other! I had to leave Graysons game to head to Auburn for parents dinner, so I missed seeing this sweet family! As soon as they left David called and said you won’t believe who came to see Gray! I was in tears! Sawyer made the sweetest drawing for Gray not long after his accident. We hung it in his room when we were in Atlanta! This is a special family and I am thankful God put us together that day!<<,P-y-R<,P-y-R

Candis AldridgePrayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

Candis Aldridge · 20h ·
Wanted to share this! I thought this was precious!

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Ashley Daniels Sims is with Jamie Partin Pope.​

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If you have ever heard my child pray, you know that it’s pretty special. The people that the Lord puts in his life that he thinks to pray for everyday amazes me. Every single day since early June he has lifted up Grayson Pope in prayer. He has prayed for a miracle for a baseball loving #3 boy that lives in Trussville that he’s never even met. Today, we traveled to Trussville to watch Hewitt Trussville’s opening baseball game of the season. I stood back & watched tears come to Saw’s eyes as he caught a glimpse of Grayson in the dugout. I can’t even explain the joy my heart felt for Saw to see the results of answered prayers standing right beside him. After we left the game, Saw said “Mama, God is still doing big things for Grayson,I believe he’s going to be out of the dugout & out on the field one day.” Me too buddy…me too.
The sights and sounds of high school baseball have arrived.
The pings of the bats, the pops of the gloves.
Players packing their bags, lacing up their cleats.
Warm breezes blow while sprouting daffodils surround the ballparks.

Grayson Pope can't get enough of baseball.
A Tennessee commit from Hewitt-Trussville High School (AL), Grayson lives for the sport.
That's why this season is so sad, yet so hopeful.
Maybe, God willing, Grayson can play baseball next spring.

It's been 9 months since the tree fell.
The roof of the cart caved in while Gray was golfing with friends.
A traumatic brain injury changed Grayson's life.
Now it's baseball season, and Gray is surrounded by the sights and sounds he lives for.

"I liken my son to a baby doe," Grayson's father David told me as I asked him how Gray is doing.
"He's walking, but he's a bit wobbly. He has some vision issues, and he speaks in a low tone," David added.
I could hear David's love and pride for his son as he spoke with me from his car, his wife Jamie alongside him.
"He's halfway up the mountain," said David, sounding steady but melancholy.

Grayson Pope is surrounding himself with great doctors, therapists, family members and friends.
He's been joining the Huskies baseball team for practice- he dons his uniform for games.
Just the other day, Grayson helped exchange line-up cards before a game.
He stood tall at home plate while doing so.

As the Huskies dig into another baseball season, Grayson Pope is his team's biggest cheerleader.
He takes pride in seeing "No Fly Zone" painted in left field where he used to roam.
"Coach Mauldin had that put on the fence in honor of Gray," said David.
"Gray used to call left field the "No Fly Zone" because he seldom allowed a baseball to drop there."

The Pope family is relying on community support and their faith to help Grayson improve.
"Gray has come so far, and the Lord has led the way," David told me.
One a scale of one to ten, he's about a five, but he's getting there," he added.
"The goal is to get him back to 100 percent."

Grayson Pope can't get enough of baseball.
The sights and sounds of the sport he loves surround him.
Grayson will continue to work and rehab and hope and pray.
"I have seen how far Grayson has come," said David. "It's a miracle."

David and Jamie are staying positive, doing all they can while looking forward to the big day.

The day when warm breezes blow and daffodils surrounds them.

The day when God willing, their son steps into the batter's box bringing with him his sheepish grin.

The day when Grayson Pope reaches the mountaintop.

*Be sure to tell Grayson how proud you are of him.
#pray4gray Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

Fun weekend in Baton Rouge watching the Huskies Baseball Boys do their thing!!
We ate some really yummy Cajun food, went to an LSU Baseball game, and did a lot of laughing with friends!
As we were getting ready to leave the field to head home, this sweet lady and her family came up to introduce themselves! They are from New Orleans and have been following Grayson’s story for a while! What a sweet blessing it was to meet them! We may have shed a couple of tears!
I am beyond grateful for the prayers we receive daily from family and friends and people we don’t even know!
God is SO good!
Below is Grayson with her daughter!


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

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Life lately:
We have been super busy with school, therapies, work, and baseball!
I am SO, SO thankful for this busy season and wouldn’t change it for the world, even on days when I can barely keep my eyes open!

PT at Children’s (1x a week) has been going really well. His walking and gate pattern is getting smaller. Balance and coordination has improved as well. He is doing PT and OT at school once a week too where he is working on walking up and down stairs, carrying heavy items, stretching, fine motor, balance, and
Speech is getting stronger too! He goes to Speech at Children’s once a week and has speech at school 2x a week! They are working on getting his voice stronger by repeating sounds. We have several exercises we do at home for this, as well as tongue strength and endurance/breathing while talking!
We completed the first part of vision therapy on February 14th. We wait 3 weeks and go back on March 19th for a second vision test to see the improvement from the last. After that test is completed we start our second round of vision therapy.
Atlas Chiropractor appointments have been going great in Sylacauga and his Atlas is staying in place more consistently which is our goal! We started out going weekly, then bi-weekly, and as of last Wednesday now MONTHLY!
Baseball practice and games are what Grayson loves down to his soul and looks forward to DAILY! He encourages and coaches his teammates the entire time he is at both. So thankful for his coaches and their continued support! I will never be able that thank them enough!
I hope everyone has a blessed week and is a light that shines bright!!!


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

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Grayson has been a Tennessee fan since he was able to walk and talk!Go Vols, Rocky Top, Smokey, and bleeding ORANGE!
His dream has always been to meet Peyton Manning and talk all things football!

Well next week that dream is coming true thanks to the Magic Moments team who has been working really hard behind the scenes to make that possible!
Watch out Nashville, the Popes are coming to town!
Thank you Kristal Kizer for the amazing pictures capturing this moment!
And to top the night off, the Huskies beat Oxford 4:0!!!


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

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Grayson has been a Tennessee fan since he was able to walk and talk!Go Vols, Rocky Top, Smokey, and bleeding ORANGE!
His dream has always been to meet Peyton Manning and talk all things football!

Well next week that dream is coming true thanks to the Magic Moments team who has been working really hard behind the scenes to make that possible!
Watch out Nashville, the Popes are coming to town!
Thank you Kristal Kizer for the amazing pictures capturing this moment!
And to top the night off, the Huskies beat Oxford 4:0!!!

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Oh my goodness!!!!
Another article with more details. This is such a fantastic story. I wish I could give them all a big hug.
This is fabulous.

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

18m ·
Today was a very special day for sweet Gray!

He has wanted to meet Peyton Manning since he was little!
Experiencing this moment with my family and seeing that sweet smile on Graysons face was AMAZING !
After hanging out with Peyton, we were invited to meet Luke Bryan as well!
They were both extremely nice, down to earth, and made Grayson feel like one of their buddies!!
Thank you Magic Moments for making this day possible and granting Gray’s wish!

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