Pray for Grayson Pope (updated 9/19/23)

I can't help it. I'm drawn to his story. I have not figured out why, but I look forward to the updates.
I come to this thread as soon as I get on VN..Thanks to everyone posting info in this thread..My prayers now always include Grayson and they always will..I'm so happy he's improving so much.....

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

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Happy Monday

Update: We went to the Cardiologist on Friday to check on Grayson’s high resting heart rate. We were referred to a WONDERFUL pediatric cardiologist from a friend in Auburn that I met through my job! The appointment went great and Grayson heart is strong and appeared to have no damage or complications.
Praise the Lord Almighty!
Grayson did have to wear a heart monitor over the weekend but the doctor feels comfortable the results will be good! We should get those back in about a week. If the report looks good, Gray comes off his heart medicine and at that point he will be on
Y’all …. that is such a blessing that we are so thankful for!
After our appointment, we met with the school and started planning for Grayson to start back! He will be an official junior on January 3rd and to say he is excited is an understatement! The staff and administrators we met with were so kind, understanding, informative, and made sure Grayson was a part of the conversation! They are just as excited he is coming back!
When we got home from the high school, we had some sweet visitors from the Youth Leadership Development Program who visited with Grayson and brought a donation for the foundation! They are so kind and made Grayson feel so special!
Emma did great getting her wisdom teeth cut out so we celebrated with some yummy icecream from Brusters!
It was a wonderful weekend at the Pope house and we are looking forward to all Graysons therapy this week!
PT, Speech, and OT.
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Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray


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I sat and thought about how different this story could have been for this family. I hope their Christmas is as special as this story.

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray


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Happy Christmas Eve Eve

(warning : long post)
Monday: OT at Children’s with Niki was great! She is really working on his core and upper body strength. Also on reaction time with his left hand. Emma was able to go with us that day and enjoyed taking in all the exercises and ideas! For those of you who don’t know, Emma changed her major over the summer to Occupational Therapy after Grayson’s accident.

Tuesday: Physical Therapy with Callie. She is working on overall physical strength and multitasking. She and Niki are very creative coming up with ways to work in these areas. Grayson hasn’t left either therapy session without sweat dripping for his face. We didn’t see that a lot at Shepherd!
We had a sweet friend drop off 3 prayer pillows from Sylvan Springs United Methodist Church with a sweet note of their prayers!!! So touching!
Wednesday: We had our first speech evaluation from 8-9 and then began a session of activities from 9-10. 5 minutes before his speech session was over he tried to yawn and his jaw locked BAD pushing his jaw out under the skin just below his eye. It scared all of us at first until we realized what was going on. Long story short our SWEET dentist Dr. Vann made a phone call to a UAB orthopedic surgeon and off we went. It ended up popping in and out a total of 5 times while we were there but thankfully it hasn’t done it again since!
That night we got Starbucks and drove around looking at Christmas light in Trussville! There were some beautiful houses!
Thursday: We were referred to an Atlas Chiropractor in Sylacauga by our doctor. He was concerned with Grays posture and shoulders being uneven (very evident) that his atlas could be off from the accident. Well long story short after the CT Scan and 3D imaging it is not just off a little, it is off A LOT! He did some light treatments and massaging at this visit but we go back next week to have the Atlas corrected. PLEASE pray with us as he has this done that it will correct a lot of the things it is affecting by not letting adequate blood to properly flow( balance, coordination, speech, vision, etc)
Friday: His favorite place to be… The Husky Baseball Big House. He joined the boys for practice today and stayed after with several to hit. If you could have seen his face when he and David got home. Grinning from ear to ear he said, “ Mom, I hit off the machine today!” I about lost it! Happy tears about lost it!
This is an EXTREMELY hard task for Grayson to do! First he sees double stacked, second his reaction time is extremely slow, and third on top of all of that, the ball is coming at him 85 miles an hour! GULP!!!
God has blessed this kids with the most determination and grit of any person I have ever met. His drive to never stop is AMAZING and exhausting

Friday night we headed to Nana and Papa’s for our annual cookie baking! This year was very special for many reasons! Family time is so important and special!
Santa comes to our house tonight because we will head to Tennessee tomorrow! We have to get the cookies and milk ready and read the Christmas story before bed!
Reflecting as I type…
We are SO THANKFUL every day for our salvation, Gods promises, and for SAVING OUR GRAYSON’S LIFE!
Thank you sweet Jesus!!!!!!

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The appointment went great this evening. I really like this doctor ALOT! He has been studying Grays scans and taking precise measures for todays atlas adjustment. He does a great job taking his time and explaining everything he is doing.
Graysons atlas was so off (one of the worse he has seen). He is still amazed there were no fractures in his neck from the impact (Praise God 🙏🏻).
When he measured Graysons leg length before the adjustment, there was about a 2 inch difference. After the adjustment only about 1/2 inch ( see the below picture)
When Grayson walked out, he said it felt like a more smoother walk, and it looked that way too!
To God be all the Glory!
We go back tomorrow to make sure the adjustment stays out! The doctor said with the ligament in his neck that was torn, the atlas may try to natural shift back to where it was after his accident.
We are praying it stays and we move on to the next treatment with this doctor! We still have a long journey of healing ahead but we are believing and trusting in Gods timing!
Thank you all SO very much for praying! We had such a peace walking in this evening! ❤️
This one was prior to the one above.

I trust in Jesus, my great deliverer, my strong defender, the Son of God!
I trust in Jesus, blessed redeemer, my Lord forever, the Holy One!

Grayson goes to the Neuro Atlas Chiropractor today at 4:30 to adjust his Atlas. From his accident it is off ALOT (he had a CT Scan showing this).
Please pray with us that this adjustment will relieve a lot of his symptoms … stiff neck, posture, vision, walking, hearing, and much more!
We feel we were lead to this doctor for a reason and are believing TODAY!
Follow-up Update:
We went back to the doctor this evening to see if the adjustment stayed in place! It shifted back about 50% but the doctor was shocked it wasn’t more with all the movement and weakness in his neck! Praise the Lord!
He adjusted the Atlas again and we go back on Wednesday of next week for more measurements.
Please continue to pray with us for Grayson’s healing and Gods will!
We will never be able to thank each of you for all your prayers and just genuinely caring about our family!
May God BLESS you in many ways!
Counting ALL of our blessings in 2023. Never in the world could I have ever imagined on June 6th pulling out of Hotworks heading home how our lives would forever be changed. The absolute scariest and most horrific day that is still hard to reflect on. For weeks I was face down FLAT on UABs floor BEGGING God to please save my babies life. Begging God to open Graysons sweet blue eyes, begging and pleading to God to please allow Gray to squeeze my hand, begging the Lord to keep Grayson with us longer. The most helpless, scariest, punch in the stomach feelings 24/7. Minute after minute and hour after hour we saw MIRACLES! Big and small MIRACLES! Sweet Emma Pope was the rock that held our family together so often (bless her bones). The power of the prayers we felt was so warm and comforting and carried us through each day. The friends and family that stayed with us at the hospital AND continued to come when we moved to Atlanta! WOW! The Lord has gone before us and lead us down the road on this journey He planned before we were ever thought of! We have said from June 6th we are trusting and BELIEVING in his perfect plan because we know He will be by our side the entire time. As we enter into 2024, we are excited to see what the year has in store. Grayson starts school next week and he is starting some pretty intense vision training. Thank you SO SO SO SO very much for praying and supporting us everyday. Our LARGE extended family is the absolute best! I wish each of you blessings in 2024. Continue leaning on the Lord and give Him all the praise, glory and honor!🙏🏻❤️

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Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!


His backpack is ready to go and his lunch has been packed. This may sound silly, but I have missed doing this and I am SO SUPER thankful I AM doing this!

Grayson has been working so hard to reach one of his goals, going back to school, and it is finally here! We went to the school today to pick up his new schedule and walk with him to each classroom and meet his teachers!
YA’LL! I cannot tell you how blessed we are to have the administration we do and the staff! They have been SO MUCH help to us as we were getting ready to return to school! A couple of pretty special ladies worked over the Christmas break to make sure Grayson had the best and safest setup once he returned! Everything I asked or had questions about today, they had already discussed and had a plan in place. They have thought of everything.
Grayson will have a one on one aide with him at all times for safety and to assist him with his needs! We met her today as well and she is exactly what we prayed for!
I am so thankful we serve a sovereign God who already knew this day would come and had everything and everyone in place!
I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I am not nervous about tomorrow! Grayson is in good hands and has eyes all over the school watching out for him. I really am just going to miss my side kick buddy who has been with me 24/7 since his accident! 😩
Please pray with us over Graysons day tomorrow! Pray protection over him, pray for his endurance, pray for his teachers and friends, and pray over his education!
We am believing that 2024 is a year of growth and healing!

Off he goes!
We were greeted at the front doors of school this morning by his case manager, counselor, aide, and principal all with HUGE smiles on their faces! Such a warm welcome back feeling! Maybe a few little happy tears too!
I’m still in the parking lot watching all these kiddos walk in the school with their backpacks crying, not because I’m sad or worried but because I am SO THANKFUL we are here! I prayed for this day with Grayson so often! I just keeping saying thank you Jesus over and over!
We are blessed!!!!!
Have a great day Grayson Pope!

The good news keeps coming for Gray and his family.

Today was GREAT and we love our village!

Walking in to pick Gray up this afternoon seeing tha sweet smile on his face made my day! After talking to Mrs. Perry, I know this is going to be a great semester. Grayson took notes today, did assignments on his Crome book, and ate lunch with ALL his sweet buddies!
He told us all about his day as we headed to his Chiropractor appointment. He said he gave his day a 9 out of 10! We were super excited about that!
He also said Mr. King gave him a shout out over the intercom this morning and that made him feel very special!
Grayson has a lot of catching up to do from first semester but I truly believe he will get there! The HTHS Village has the best plan in place for him and we are grateful for their support!
We went to Grayson’s Atlas Chiropractic Appointment this afternoon and after all the measurements were done, Dr. Douglas said his alignment stayed and he didn’t need to do anything today!

THANK YOU SWEET JESUS for your blessings and favor! We go back next week and if it is still in place, we go 2 weeks later, then 3!

Before we left he said Grayson is about 2 months ahead of where he thought he would be right now! To God be the Glory!
Vision therapy starts January 15th! We are praying and believing this will correct his double vision!!! Please pray with us!


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray


“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, REJOICE!” (Philippians 4:4)
We made it through our first week of school (well 3 days), but they were 3 GREAT days!
Grayson normally wakes up between 7/7:30 (not before his accident, just since his accident). He woke up Saturday morning at 10:30! I was so thankful he got a good nights rest! I think he was physically and mentally tired!
We didn’t do too much this weekend, just ate some good dinners, played games at the Bambergs, went to church and lunch with Nana and Papa, and played ALOT of Fort Nite on the XBox!
We are excited for the first full week at school and Grayson is ready to get back to Baseball practice!
Have a great week everyone and thank you SO MUCH for your continued prayers!


Grayson’s journey and determination, combined with your family’s unwavering faith is inspiring and should serve as a beacon for us all. I check the updates hoping to hear good news and undeniably find myself with tears in my eyes every time, but they’re happy tears and tears of inspiration. As a fellow Alabamian, UT alum and baseball season ticket holder, I naturally gravitate to the UT kids from “home” and have looked forward to Grayson’s career from the time he committed. Regardless of what materializes on a field, your son and family have served as inspirations and role models far beyond baseball. We’re praying, thinking and rooting for y’all from Athens, AL.
This one hit me right in the tear ducts. The support group that this family has is as amazing as Gray's intestinal fortitude.

Prayers were answered. Everyday I walked into my class to his empty chair. I told my students the chair and desk were his and no one else sat in the spot for the entire first semester. Don’t know how many prayers were said by students as they walked by the empty chair, but I know one was said each morning I opened the door. On Tuesday he came by to sit in his chair. Even though he is not in the class any longer his presence has made a difference in others in the class. It was great to see Grayson in class and his inspiration and work ethic will push others to accomplish great things as well. Keep praying for him and hopefully he will make it back to be in my class again


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray


Today starts Graysons vision therapy. 12 consecutive days, 2 times a days, 1 hour each treatment.
This particular therapy is called Sensory Learning Program (SLP).
SLP is a multi-modal intervention designed to help by stimulating the visual, auditory, and vestibular systems at the same time. SLP requires the primary sensory systems to process information simultaneously in order to help them adapt better to multi-sensory input.
The Sensory Learning Program often results in the following functional improvements:
Gross and Fine Motor
Ability to Learn by improving double vision
Please pray today and believe with us in the name of Jesus this treatment will correct Graysons double vision!!!

Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

January 15 at 10:28 PM ·

Day 1 of vision therapy in the books and Grayson is TIRED!
He says he can tell a small difference after just the 1st treatment! He can tell his eyes are trying to correct when he looks in the distance!
Praying it continues to correct his double vision! Thank you Lord for your blessings!
Also, a BIG thank you to Axe Downtown in Trussville and all the prayer warriors who placed sweet notes in the prayer jar they provided!
We appreciate ALL the prayers and support more than you know and they carry us daily!


Prayers for Grayson Pope #pray4gray

Vision Therapy Update:
We finished the 12 consecutive days (2x a day) of Vision Therapy on Sunday.
Immediately following on Monday we started the 18 consecutive days at home light therapy. Once that is complete, we wait 3 weeks and go back for a vision test.
Grayson says he still sees double all the time but can feel his eyes trying to pull objects into 1. He says it gets a tiny bit better every day.
During his 12 days of therapy, he was home bound instead of going to school. We also paused speech, OT, and PT during that time. He was very tired and we didn’t want to risk any injuries.
We started school back on Monday and will start speech, PT, and OT back next week!
Gray is doing very well in school and working through being tired like a champ! I’m so proud of his dedication to get caught up from missing last semester!
Thank you for your sweet messages and check in’s, as well as, your continuous prayers!


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