Potential Portal Targets



Rocky Top High Colorado
Feb 27, 2011
I think our biggest need is Edge and CB (now that BT has declared). We already have a ton of scholarships invested in DL and they all return. The talent is there if they’re coached. They actually digressed from 2019. But I don’t think we necessarily need more dudes, we need a dude to coach the dudes. Middleton, Bumphus, Emerson, Simmons, Solomon, and Thomas can all be good, but didn’t play to their potential this year. Butler, Blakely, and Garland are solid. Then you have 4 more freshmen coming in.

But we HAVE to get a better pass rush. For that reason, I’d take 2 Edge guys if I could. Ideally, I’d like to see:

2 Edge
1 CB
1 WR (or Gilbert)
1 DL
1 QB

And QB is the least of my concerns. If that spot went to another CB instead, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.
2 CB
Likes: PA Vol

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