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WinnerCircle PrimeTime SEC Pick The Winners:

Florida vs Tenn - The Lady Vols dominance in the 2nd Half to start SEC play in back to back weeks has sent shockwaves through the Southeastern conference.
There’s an argument to be made that Tennessee has not played a single basketball game this season at their peak.
And after Sunday’s energetic and rowdy crowd at the Food City Center in Knoxville that even had the game announcers excited riding this 5 game winning streak make no mistake Rocky Top will be rocking!!
Five LVs are averaging double figures and no team in the SEC wants to get in a scoring match going 80 for 80 or 90 for 90!! with these Lady Vols.
They don’t want that smoke featuring the SEC leading scorer Rickea Jackson and former ACC leading scorer Jewel “Fear Da Spear” Spear and the Lady Vols crew.
Welcome on board elite 4-star guard Kaniya Boyd as an early enrollee for the 8-time Nat’l champions.
Pick: (Rocky Top LVs) RIGHT

Vanderbilt vs Kentucky - The Wildcats came out on Rocky Top and battle toe to toe with the LVs in the 1st half. KY played inspired basketball and showed their ability to play well against a high powered TN team. I believe the Wildcats are a top 7-8 team in the SEC. They will beat this Vanderbilt team who is significantly undersized and lacking elite level talent.
Pick: Kentucky WRONG

Alabama vs Georgia - Georgia got it first SEC win against Texas A&M. They followed it up by losing big to Arkansas. The Bulldogs bounce back tonight and pull out the win.
Pick: Georgia WRONG

Auburn vs Ole Miss - Auburn has a top 4 backcourt in the SEC. They play exceptionally well on their homecourt while struggling on the road. Inconsistent teams do not have a high percentage of winning on the road against evenly matched teams. In this contest, looking at the rosters and coaching I still trust Auburn guards and coaching more than Ole Miss.
Pick: Auburn WRONG

South Carolina vs Missouri - Outside of Vandy, South Carolina has benefited from an easy start to SEC play! They will enter tonight’s contest playing a Missouri team that is in a rebuilding phase. South Carolina should win this game by 30-40 points.
Pick: South Carolina RIGHT

Texas A&M vs LSU - Watching Texas A&M play does not align with the perception of their team on the court. I will be watching tonight to get a sense of will or if this team will meet the expectations of the SEC fan club from the Twitter world.
Pick: Texas A&M WRONG

Miss State vs Arkansas - Arkansas after losing to a skilled Kentucky team bounced back by blowing out Georgia to earn their first SEC win. Miss State and Texas A&M were crowned the portal champs by the SEC fan club on Twitter. The SEC fan club group has now jumped on the bandwagon of Vandy who pulled an upset over MS State or beat a team that was heavily overrated.
We will see out tonight.
Pick: Arkansas WRONG
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