*****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt


We run towards what you run from...
Nov 5, 2005
On another note, what with this being UT's last game of the regular season, I will be taking a shot of ice cold Woodford Reserve every time UT scores a touchdown. No chaser, but (obviously) I'll be sipping Yuengling during the game, as I always do.

Here's hoping I'm a very happy inebriated VFL by the end of the 1st quarter...singing Rocky Top off-key while my wife makes sure all the windows in the house are shut by halftime...eating bean dip with my fingers by the end of the 3rd quarter....and wake up at 7 a.m. on Sunday with a pounding headache and a note taped to my chest by my beloved wife that says "You need to apologize to the neighbors for running naked down the driveway and back last night, and when altar call comes at church this morning, you need to go down the aisle."

Or something like that.


Go Vols.

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