*****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

Aug 14, 2007
First, my usual shoutout to @mad4vols for helping me quickly find the winners. It's much appreciated. Send me your email and I'm going to send you and Amazon card for all the help this season.

On to the game...

Reminder, please format your posts like this:

Tennessee 41
Vanderbilt 0
Tiebreaker 200

This week's tiebreaker is total yards gained by Tennessee's offense.

*If any of the winners below marked "card sent" haven't received their gift card, please let me know. I'm behind on the last couple, but I'll try to get those sent out this afternoon.

Previous Winners
Week 1: @DickeyD [card sent]
Week 2: @aRmo [card sent]
Week 3: @DieHardVOL [card sent]
Week 4: @ptcarter [card sent]
Week 5: @BucWildVol [card sent]
Week 6: @tn_joeysome [card sent]
Week 7: @Pie Jones [card sent]
Week 8: @FLVOL_79 [card sent]
Week 9: @Titan&Volfan4life
Week 10: @VolPack22
Week 11: @21VOL
Vols: 56
Vandie: 10
Tiebreaker: 488

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