Phrases/Cliches that annoy you.


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Dec 12, 2014
Half time adjustments...a favorite of arm chair coaches and talking heads. 5 minutes to get on and off the field, 5 minutes to pee and adjust equipment, 5 minutes for HC pep talk, leaves very few minutes for position group coaching. Change and convey the game changes to the players in a handful of minutes??? The very idea is idiotic. Nothing is implemented at half time that has not been practiced.

Develop a player..... another regurgitated favorite of those who know how to talk football. Perhaps the user really means coaching. Perhaps it is meant as a way of justifying the star rating or lack thereof of a player. Star gazers are big on talking development. So are coach worshipers. Users of develop a player never consider the other team's players are receiving coaching also. No advantage gained. S and C programs make players stronger, bigger and with more stamina. A coach cannot develop athleticism, speed or mental capacity, he can only coach a player, not make them something they are not and never will be.

Football fanatics love to use clichés they heard on TV.
Makes them think they converse in coach talk and are a superior football intellect.

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