One Knoxville Sporting Club (USL League One)

WVU won in a big upset earlier tonight. I thought for sure we’d be playing Nona FC.
Folks, c’mon to West on Sunday night. It’ll be nuts!!
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Knoxville is in the sweet 16, gonna be crazy tonight at West High School

There’s Only One Knox!
The league has 113 teams and One Knox is in the final 8 in their very first season.

They play this Friday at 7:30 and if they win, Final 4 on Sunday at 7:30 with a chance to make it to the championship final.


Tickets | One Knoxville SC
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James Thomas will be at the House of Sport Thursday night. One Knox usually hosts pick-up soccer every Thursday, so he'll be there to hang out and interact with folks this week.
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