One Knoxville Sporting Club (USL League One)


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Oct 17, 2018
MLS will never buy USL and create a relegation system because of how teams are created now. They have big time buyers who have put in bids and gone through a long, expensive process to be in the MLS. No way they Stan Kroenke, Robert Kraft, or the Red Bull guy that they have to go down to the USL.

Also, I think every USL1 game is on ESPN+. That's why Big Slate will not be a part of the deal for One Knox next season. They did a phenomenal job this year, though.
I get every USL Championship and USL1 on my ESPN+. Will be happy to tune in and watch Knox play and the USL. MLS can go whither in a corner. I wrote an essay about it for one of my coaching licenses, MLS bad, most of the rest of the world good.
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