Official MTSU v Tenn Game Thread

Do you understand who we played the first two games?

Good point. Many have MTSU tourney-bound. They are a much better team than UTC or UTM.

We still didn't play very well, but Pearl is still working out some kinks.

Siena scares me too, but many teams on our early schedule scare me.
can i get a recap?

Refs were terrible.
Our post play didn't show up.
Hopson scored all his points in a matter of a couple minutes and then disappeared
Woolridge looked like a Freshman
Our full court press kept MTSU in the game.
JP turned his ankle
Tyler continues to play like SEC POY.
19 points from the 1 position. Tabb did alright. Had a few turnovers.
yes, i dont consider MTSU much better than UT-Martin or UTC, last year we beat MTSU by 69 points

Seriously, what does last year have to do with anything?

Didn't the football team win the East last year? much did that help this year?

MT is good this year, it's been a while (that's for sure).....but they are better than UTC and Martin, plain and simple....(scoreboard)

Good win for the Vols...on the road....hostile environment....HIT FT's.....finished the game.....great prep for the rest of the year!!!!

I think both teams are going to have a GREAT year!!!!
This was a good win. I was in attendance at Murphy Center tonight. There was the usual "homecooking" fouls and such. What I was most impressed about was the unbelievable size difference in the teams. We were bigger in the perimeter than they were in the interior. It was a joke.

All in all, I have been watching the basketball Vols since 1966, and I can say I like Bobby Maze as a point guard as good as anyone I have seen. He has the patience required to be ultra-effective as a point guard. He is STRONG to the hole and finishes with efficiency. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he knocks the BOTTOM out of most of his free throws.

I've seen all the powers play and UT has as many horses as anyone in the country. Hat might scoff, but deep down he knows I am right.
MT played a heck of a game. I was glad to see them hang in there to the end. I like both equal so I wasn't too upset that MT lost. However, I did want UT to win. I also went to the MT football game Saturday. I saw some (just a little) orange in the stands. I think some of the UT fans might of hung around and went to the football game as well. If they did, they saw a great display by the Blue Raiders and Phillip Tanner. Who had 6 td's in the game and set the Sun Belt record with the most td's in a game by one player.

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