Official favorite vols video thread

I actually posted this a month ago or so on the football forum, not knowing that we had a video one. And when I saw that we did, I couldn't believe it wasn't on here! This is gold!

YouTube - Peyton Manning

Go Vols!
Does anyone have the CBS coverage of "The Kick" ? As corny as it sounds, I like to hear Verne Lundquist say "Redemption!!!" haha

It had been on youtube but it got taken off.
would LOVE to see some VN posters make some videos. personal videos. opinion videos. Game wrap up type videos. that type. Anyone can make a highlight video or montage vid, I want to see some of the haters on here voice their opinions.
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Anyway to get jumbotron videos. Cant remember the game but I was told there was a fan photo montage that had my sons first birthday party on it. It had a picture of our homemade checkerboard field in it. Thanks for the help

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