Official favorite vols video thread

I thought it might be interesting to have one thread that we could post all of our favorite you tube (or other videos). As people post them in this thread, I will update this first post and organize them by sport/year/etc. Please include a description with your link.

Be sure the video is good quality. I want to try and avoid the really poor quality videos.



YouTube - Tennessee Basketball - Chris Lofton - by PearlTN
YouTube - Chris Lofton 3-point highlights [2006-2007]
YouTube - Tennessee Basketball - Dane Bradshaw by PearlTN
YouTube - Tennessee Basketball
YouTube - Tennessee beats Ole Miss with last shot
YouTube - Bernard King
YouTube - We're Back
YouTube - Chris Lofton 3 pointer over Kevin Durant
YouTube - Lofton from 40ft

Thanks a bunch and please allow me to take credit for this one. Somebody else uploaded my video to youtube, which is fine. I'm flattered.

I also made the Take Back Neyland video with '05 clips.
MySpaceTV Videos: Take Back Neyland by Mark
I believe I have updated the first post to include all suggestions. Keep them coming!
for sure i have watched that video of jones lik 5 times.. i think we r in for a treat from jones this yr
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