MAX/Discovery+ (Warner Bros/Discovery)

As a Discovery+ subscriber I was going to wait and see how they merge the two but that's a pretty sweet deal.

The company is offering limited-term discounts on streaming service HBO Max for both new and exciting customers.

Anyone signing up for a full-year plan by October 30 will pay $104.99 for the ad-free tier and $69.99 for the ad-supported one, a 30% savings compared with the going rates of $149.99 and $99.99. Compared with month-to-month pricing, which always runs higher than the year-at-a-time rate, the savings reach 42%. The deal is only for the first year and must be ordered through the HBO Max website or via distribution partners Roku, Google Play, Apple, and Amazon.
White Lotus finale was so so so good. I love this show, may it never die. Mike White writes every word of it, and that makes it, but it also might be such a burden that it ends it prematurely.
Well duh!

I've said it before but why would a company with a hundred years of Hollywood history and one of if not the best film library's of any film studio wouldn't put their own name on their streaming service.

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