Matthew Perry Dead at 54

I doubt anyone remembers the HBO comedy series "Dream On" from the early 90's .... but Matthew Perry was in a good episode playing a slimy bad guy, who was trying to take Martin's job. That's the only time I ever saw him in a role which wasn't a likable character, and he was funny. Showed some range.
I just did a search a to see if I could find a place to stream it, it also said that Courtney Cox was a cast member. Don’t think I want to pay to watch it though.
Dang. K and a hot tub would be a really bad combination. It's a very useful anesthetic for short procedures, but the abuse potential is really high for street use.

From what I've read, he battled demons for a long, long time. Sounds like they won, and that's a tragic thing. Addiction sucks.
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