Looks like a jail entrance



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Mar 8, 2021
It's not just Lindsay Nelson. Having graduated in the early 70s, I miss what the campus used to look like. It seems that U.T. has been as efficient at hiring architects as it has been at hiring football coaches (excluding the present one).
When I graduated in the early 70's the campus (except the Hill) looked like a commuter school without an unifying architectural identity, and without a campus center or quad of buildings separated from automobile traffic. Then it got worse with some very strange architectural mumbo jumbo (library of cubes), and now it looks generally better with more pedestrian friendly routes and spaces formed without auto traffic. There seems to be only one way to unite the hdge podge of architectural styles present, and that is to use a lot of plantings to give it a more unified look. Lindsey Nelson is just an example of throwing something up without thinking about how it will look and how it will or won't complement it's surroundings. Hopefully, the campus architects will stop doing that kind of thing, and the administration will be willing to pay for good design.

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