‘23 KY CB Cristian Conyer (Tennessee commit)


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Jan 26, 2011
My daughter is a freshman at Cincinnati, so I've been watching them this year. Fickell is really good at producing CBs. Sauce Gardner was drafted 4th overall in the 1st round of this year's draft and his teammate, Coby Bryant went in the 4th round after winning the Thorpe Award. In watching their CBs this year, they're well coached and great at finding the ball. Point is, Fickell and his staff really know what they're doing with Corners.

Even though Conyer came down to Tennessee and Kentucky, Cincinnati really pushed for him. That tells me a lot about him.
After having lived in Cinti for 3 decades, I’ve attended and watched a lot of Bearcat football w my UC friends.
GA is spot on w CB development under CLF. He’s recruiting at a higher level than previous staffs and putting them in the league. 9 Bearcats were drafted last year. Incredible job he’s doing!


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Apr 7, 2007
Sure he can. He can just turn Cincinnati into one.
This. I’ve always thought ranking jobs was silly. It depends on what the individual coach prefers. To Mark Stoops, the Kentucky job is better than a lot of schools with more tradition because it’s low pressure and he’s safe there. He can stay another 10 years and go down as “great” in their book. It’s better than a job like Nebraska or Wisconsin from that perspective.

Maybe Fickell loves Cincinnati (a great city, IMO). Maybe he likes the family feel and the ability to build them into a power in the Big 12. To him, maybe their aren’t 20 (or 5) jobs better.

I think Josh Heupel also has the job he wants, regardless of how others might “rank” Tennessee.

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