key will be back playing next year on rocky top "my journey is not yet finished" facebook



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Oct 6, 2020
saw on facebook some posted from lady vols media it was from key! she said she her senior was cut short. she says she playing next year. she says lot more but she coming back ncaa record is safe next year. some post please. key "my journey is not yet finished"
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I am so excited about this! Hoping this is the start of a chain reaction with some other players coming back!

People are being so dramatic. I think we will be fine next season.

Some of these kids are going to surprise you with their development. Kellie did a great job with developing players at Mo State and has proven she can at UT as well. I don’t think Kellie is the best Xs and Os coach but she is a great players coach and player development coach.

I use Tess as an example all the time, but people talked so much crap when she was signed. Now look at the girl! Probably the most dangerous three point shooter in the SEC and a massively improved defender even though she’s limited by speed.

Hollingshed already looks a ton better and never would have gotten there at UGA. She’s made several comments that she would not be where she is if not for being pushed by the coaches in practice.

Pissott is going to be a dynamite player. She’s 6’5” and can consistently can shots from 27’. She needs to get stronger and defend better but she will be an absolute star. She could very well fill Jackson’s spot.

We need a couple speedy transfer that can defend and shoot the 3.

If Jada Walker were to enter the portal I would be very interested in her. Kellie loves a lefty and she’s got so much heart.
Great news. Key, Jill, and Striplin make me happy, esp if as I suspect, Key will be working super hard during the offseason. Good for her glad to see it. And lol, I guess the list of reasons she'd go back to NC proved bogus. This was really not that hard to see coming given TK's great devotion to this program. Now what might this mean for Jordy?
R Jackson is the main one we need to come back
And the one least likely to do so unfortunately. I said before, I'll bet she's already picking out the draft day outfit. Of course I never thought she'd come here in the first place so you never know.

If she doesn't, we need scorers! whether she does or not, we need a point guard!

I've wondered if one of the reasons they didn't just take somebody, anybody as a 23 recruit was bc they knew about some who were coming back. Still not good to have no class, but does ease the roster pain.

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